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What is Power Team Gym? 

USA Gymnastics sport where Multiple Gymnasts compete together as a team by “streaming” skills and progressive combinations of skills on three events (tumbling, vaulting, and mini-tramp). Additionally, they perform a group floor routine combining dance, tumbling, balance and acrobatic skills to music.



Link to Detailed information on USA Gymnastics’ website:

About Gymnastics For All (GFA)

Gymnastics for All is one of the eight gymnastics sport disciplines officially recognized by The International Gymnastics Federation and gymnastics organizations worldwide.”


Opportunities for athletes of all ages and athletic ability.


Specifically, Power TeamGym is “…a competitive version of Gymnastics for All gymnastics where squads of athletes perform together in two events – Group Floor Exercise and Group Jump (tumbling, vault and mini tramp). Currently there are 10 difficulty levels.

Squads are made up of 6-14 gymnasts and are judged as a team based on difficulty requirements and execution. Power TeamGym can be competed at local invitationals, at the Gymnastics for All National Championships and Gymfest and international invitationals.”

USA Gymnastics'

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