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Our Mission

Empowering athletes to reach their desired level of potential in a positive, safe and motivating environment. We pride ourselves on creating a fun and inspiring atmosphere, using a combination of expertise, experience and knowledge that will allow every athlete to excel.


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What is
Acrobatics & Tumbling

Acrobatics & Tumbling is a combination of athletic aspects from gymnastics tumbling, Acrobatics, Cheerleading stunting, and creative choreography.

A&T consists of several events of stunting and tumbling for athletes to have multiple opportunities to compete in. Ending in a team event which consists of a fun 2 minutes and 30 seconds routine with creative flairs, fun music, and ability to show the teams personality! Check out our teams and programs for all ages and levels!

Anchor 1 - New Events

Upcoming POWERful Events!

Join our Half Season Acrobatics & Tumbling Team, Electrify!

Registrations are closed due to max capacity

  • Starting December 12th, 1x per week on Mondays from 6:30-8:30pm

  • $85 per month

  • $65 for the month of December 

Contact for more Info!

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